effective Business IT Solutions to meet your specific business needs in NJ

The Business IT solutions offered by Keystone IT Connect are designed to reduce your business costs, increase productivity, and mitigate business risks. Our cost-effective Business IT solutions can help your business achieve its goals through technology by ensuring that each and every piece of technology that you use is working properly, implemented effectively, and performing exactly what your business needs it to do. Our Business IT solutions are focused around 5 different industries where we have countless hours of experience assisting business clients in organizing their technological efforts and assets.

Accounting Technology Solutions in NJ

Our Accounting Technology Solutions are designed to help accounting firms keep their in-house systems working properly with accounting software, such as Intuit, Sage, Peachtree, CCH, and Microsoft Dynamics. Not only does Keystone IT Connect work to seamlessly integrate the two, but we will also provide support for the software that your business uses for its accounting services. Keystone IT Connect is Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, and has years of experience providing support, auditing, security, and service to accounting firm clients.

Engineering Technology Solutions in New Jersey

Firms who use our Engineering Technology Solutions are looking for ways to reduce costs and complexity of their current operations during projects. Many engineering projects have a multitude of different people involved, and being able to share information effectively and efficiently is key to ensuring that costs of the project do not balloon out of control due to poor communication. Keystone IT Connect will provide support to the engineering firm for all software, as well as offer 24×7 network monitoring with critical issue alerts.  As your project grows, our team will work hand-in-hand with the firm to ensure that your technological needs are met for each and every step of the way.

Technology Solutions for Healthcare Practices

Keystone IT Connect’s Healthcare Technology Solutions provide expert EMR and Practice Management Software and support to our healthcare clients. Our goal when working in the healthcare industry is to help the client reduce their IT costs and complexity of the technology used in the office, practice, or medical center. All of the work that Keystone IT Connect performs is HIPAA and HiTech-compliant. In addition to working on practice management software, we can also consult and provide support for the medical billing software that the business utilizes.

Legal Technology Solutions in NJ

Legal clients enjoy Keystone IT Connect’s Legal Technology Solutions, where we provide services like data storage and virtual solutions for e-discovery, archiving, and document management, as well as a managed email server to handle large loads. We also provide remote access to all of your office’s files for when traveling or in court, so no need to bring a handful of flash drives with you to the courtroom. Many attorneys utilize the Software as a Service program, where they only pay for software applications that they use, thus cutting back on initial costs all while allowing for additional upgrades over time.

Keystone IT Connect’s Manufacturing Technology Solutions

Manufacturing Technology Solutions by Keystone IT Connect are designed to assist clients in the manufacturing space simplify and solidify their technological assets. Many times, we see incredibly complex and outdated program management software that is running the entire organization. Our services will help your business with manufacturing resource planning and business productivity software setup and support, as well as 24×7 network monitoring. Over time, Keystone IT Connect will analyze your business needs and technology assessments to look for areas that we can continue to improve upon your processes.

Comprehensive Business IT Solutions Near You in NJ

For a more thorough explanation and breakdown of each of our Business IT solutions, check out the menu on the left side of the page. If you are in an industry that is not listed, but are in need for IT support for your business, feel free to contact us here, or call us at 908-378-3046.