HIPAA and HiTech-Compliant Healthcare IT Service Provider in New Jersey

Does your practice require expert EMR and Practice Management Software support?

Would you like to reduce the cost and complexity of your technology?

Our Healthcare Technology Solutions in Union, New Jersey and surrounding cities are the answer

Specialized IT Solutions for the NJ Healthcare Industry

Our Healthcare Technology Solutions include:

  • HIPAA-compliant procedures and accountability
  • HITech-compliant EMR and Practice Management Software consulting and support
  • Medical Billing Software consulting and support
  • Proactive desktop, server and network management
  • Branch office connectivity support

Keystone IT Connect – Your Healthcare Technology Solutions Support Specialists

We specialize in maintaining your healthcare practice’s specific needs through our HIPAA-compliant processes and audit trail.

The Healthcare industry has made a shift over the last decade to rely almost exclusively on technology-based systems to organize and track data, patient history, and records. This switch has helped significantly in reducing the costs of healthcare for those who need it. Keystone IT Connect of Union, New Jersey has developed comprehensive and affordable solutions that support the exchange of patient data while providing real-time access to systems by all essential medical staff, as well as insurance programs, patients, and other entities that will require access to systems.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 72% of physicians in the United States now utilize some type of electronic medical records when treating patients. The services and systems that Keystone IT Connect has developed for the Healthcare industry not only make a complex system much easier for a practice, but also provide the secure HIPPA-compliant procedures and accountability that are required. We utilize a HITech-compliant EMR and Practice Management Software consulting and support system that is customized to each practice’s specific needs. Billing management becomes a breeze with our integrated Medical Billing Software consulting and support. Our team is experts in ensuring that your healthcare practice’s specific needs are exceeded through our HIPAA-compliant process and audit trail.

When your practice chooses Keystone IT Connect as your Healthcare Technology Solution provider, you’ll receive much more than just someone to walk you through “computer help.” Our team of experienced software professionals will be able to guide your practice through the set up and implementation of systems that are designed to make clerical work and patient recordkeeping easier than ever. With our team, you’ll never be stuck on hold waiting for the next available representative to help you with your issues. Instead, you’ll have dedicated IT support teams to help, and if a problem can’t be fixed, we’ll send a team of IT professionals out to your practice to ensure that the problem is fixed the right way. Let Keystone IT Connect provide your practice with the expertise needed to operate an effective and secure Healthcare Technology System. Your practice will see increased efficiency and productivity while reducing costs and ensuring that important patient information is safe and secure.

With our Healthcare Technology Solutions, our experienced staff members become your practice’s EMR, Practice Management and Medical Billing support specialists.

Leverage our expertise and reap the benefits for your practice. Increase your staff’s efficiencies and productivity while reducing costs and mitigating risk. Contact us today to discuss the many benefits our HIPAA-compliant Healthcare Technology Solutions can provide your business.